The replay system can be accessed from the main menu. This will list the replays that have been recorded of the matches you’ve been in. It is also possible to enter a replay ID code to access other replays.

Once you have selected a replay it will load up the associated game level and start playing back the match. There is a simple control panel that can be toggled using the F key by default which allows you to scrobble through the replay’s timeline and pause the playback. Additionally it displays the current playback speed and the keys that can be used to change it. (by default these are the Home and End keys)

A portion of the controls are not represented on screen at this time. They are available in the Binds settings menu however and can be changed. They have been listed below in the Console Variables and Controls section.

Note that most of these additional controls are limited to the free roaming camera mode. This mode allows you to gain full control of the camera and adjust its speed and focal length. To access this mode you will have to cycle through the available modes using the spacebar, by default.

The available modes are first person, third person orbital, and free roaming.

Console VariableDescriptionDefault Value
g.CameraSmoothEnables free-roaming camera smoothing1


Maximum angle the pitch can be offset by when using the HorizontalToBankMultiplier.15


Controls the maximum banking/roll angle of the camera.15
g.CameraSmoothBankAngleOverrideAllows you to lock the camera roll to a specific angle.0
g.CameraSmoothYawToBankMultiplierControls how much camera yaw affects the camera roll.0.1
g.CameraSmoothHorizontalToBankMultiplierControls how much strafing affects the camera roll.0.025
g.CameraSmoothVerticalToPitchMultiplierControls how much vertical movement affects the camera pitch.-0.05
g.CameraSmoothPositionSpeedControls how quickly the camera moves to a target position. (lower is smoother)5
g.CameraSmoothFOVSpeedControls how quickly the camera zooms to a target field of view. (lower is smoother)5
g.CameraSmoothSpeedControls how quickly the camera accelerates to a target speed. (lower is smoother)5
g.CameraSmoothHandheldEnables a handheld camera simulation mode on top of the camera smoothing.0
g.CameraFOVMinimumThe lowest field of view value allowed when zooming in and out.10
g.CameraFOVMaximumThe highest field of view value allowed when zooming in and out.120

Camera Controls (Free Roaming)
AStrafe Left
DStrafe Right
QMove Down (relative to the camera's up vector, think a helicopter)
EMove Up (relative to the camera's up vector, think a helicopter)
ZZoom Out
CZoom In
Mouse Wheel Scroll UpIncrease Camera Speed
Mouse Wheel Scroll DownDecrease Camera Speed
Home (Replay Only)Increase Playback Speed
End (Replay Only)Decrease Playback Speed
HHide most of the interface.

If you've reviewed this article and still have questions about the Replay System, please create a support ticket. We're always here and happy to help!