BattlEye is required to be installed on your PC in order to play Insurgency or Day of Infamy.

Crashes, freezing, or other issues regarding BattlEye

If you are experiencing issues when connecting to BattlEye secured servers, it's likely because BattlEye was not installed, or was incorrectly installed during your first launch procedure. 

Please try the following:

1. Go to "..\steamapps\common\insurgency\BattlEye" and run Install_BattlEye.

2. Run Install_BattlEye as an Administrator and ensure you don't have any anti-virus software blocking it.

Appealing a BattlEye ban

We do not have any control over BattlEye issues bans. You are required to e-mail BattlEye directly in order to appeal your ban. 

Additional support can be found on BattlEye's official FAQ. If you have require additional information or assistance with BattlEye, please create a support ticket with them.