We have introduced new Anti-Cheat system called "BattlEye", it runs on all our servers as well as on custom servers running NWI playlists (matchmaking). BattlEye is required to be installed on client's PC from now on.

Crash, freeze or other issues regarding BE

Some of you may experience crash on map load when connecting to BE secured server. This may be caused by either BE not being installed on your PC or the installation was not successful during your first "Insurgency" launch procedure.

In that case, make sure the game is closed, then go to "..\steamapps\common\insurgency\BattlEye" and run "Install_BattlEye".

In case this service will not install correctly, run "Install_BattlEye" file with Administrator rights and make sure your Antivirus/Antimalware software is not blocking it in any way. Consult User's Manual of your specific AV software for more information about how to whitelist files.

 If your BE launcher stops the game from launching with message "[INFO] Blocked loading of file..." or your are encountering other BE related issues, please consult these with official BattlEye FAQ page.

Or contact BattlEye Support team via their ticket system.

Did you receive a game ban ?

If you are surprised by a Game Ban on your profile it was most likely issued by BE automatically and as such we have no control over already issued bans.

In case you feel that your account was banned unjustly, contact BattlEye support team via this E-mail address:

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  • 05-Sep-2019